Semi DOT Certifications by Rapid Semi Repair

DOT Certifications are Required, Can Your Truck or Semi Pass?

To ensure safety on the road, the US Department of Transportation requires every truck and trailer must pass an annual DOT inspection Rapid-Semi-Repairsand not to mention periodic blitz inspections. Rapid Semi Repair is a certified and approved DOT inspector, and with over 8 years of field experience and our DOT inspection process has been nailed down. 

We follow all DOT guidelines on the DOT website list of requirements.

We inspect, recommend repairs and service for your truck and trailer as needed. In order to pass the DOT inspection, you need accurate records, after a thorough inspection and quality repair skills all of which Rapid Semi Repair is happy to provide.

The communication and customer service we provide our clients is unmatched. We make sure to do everything necessary for your truck and trailer to avoid a costly DOT shutdown repair.

Call us today for your Pre trip inspection, Pre blitz inspection, post trip inspection, inquiries about minimum standards and DOT guidelines

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