Heavy-Duty, Semi-Tractor Trailer, Hot shots, and Recreational Vehicle Repair Rates.

Rapid Semi Repairs sends out experienced diesel mechanics and technicians to assist with your mobile semi repair to efficiently and quickly repair your truck, trailer and RV’s. We are local in the St Louis, and Greater St Louis Missouri and Metro east Illinois

Call Out Fee to show up and trouble shoot is *$125.00 per hour with a *2 hour minimum fee paid upfront, to dispatch a technician. (*non-refundable). From 8am to 6pm

After hours start at 6pm to 8am, weekends Saturday and Sunday and holiday rate is *$165 per hour with a *2 hour minimum fee paid upfront to dispatch a technician (*non-refundable)

Parts pickup is included in the hourly fee.

No mileage fee charged

Service parts are an extra charge. (30% markup for parts)

$125.00* and $165* per Hour Labor Rate. All Jobs Are Flat Rate labor hour guide. We bid the job. We do not charge you for a technician per hour to be on-site to repair or service your truck, trailer or RV.

Service Call Cancellation:

If a mobile mechanic is in route, and a service call is cancelled Rapid Semi Repairs reserves the right to keep the service call fee.

How long does it take us to get to a Service or Repair Call:

Getting to the breakdown as soon as possible is what we strive to do We provide you with a 1-2 hour window, fees begin to apply when the technician calls your driver and they will typically be 30 minutes away barring traffic or accidents on the road. Please remember, we do everything we can to get to you as soon as possible please be patient with us. Depending on the parts needed and repairs we will get you back on the road same day unlike a shop which has a 1-4-day turnaround time. 

Part Warranty: 

Rapid Semi Repairs LLC will only provide the Manufacture and parts store warranties. The labor to replace a defective, broken part or parts is the customers responsibility. Getting our customers’, the best possible price without compromising quality or parts is what we strive to do. We Strive to get the best possible price without compromising the quality or parts. The best way, to ensure our customers that the right part is installed, we suggest (OEM parts) Original Equipment Manufacturer parts than aftermarket parts.

*Warranty on parts supplied by customers does not apply to Rapid Semi Repair. Warranty remains with customer or company who purchased the part



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